Hymn For The Weekend Music Video – BEYONCE and COLDPLAY

beyonce and coldplay


Hymn For The Weekend Music Video –

This music video has some true signs of the Illuminati in it. How are they trying to manipulate us this time? Does this video have a specific agenda that it is trying to to convey to the audience of viewers?


beyonce and coldplay

Recent collaboration between Beyonce and Coldplay has caught many people eyes! The esoteric symbolism that this music video contains are definitely placed there for a reason. While many believe that these symbols are simply showing the eastern religion the truth is not that simple. The 666 satanic symbol is used many times right off the bat and we see several scenes displaying the all seeing eye as well. When we look at the theme of this entire video we can conclude that what we are being shown is the agenda of universalism and the new world order religion, or one world religion.