Al Roker MK Ultra Breakdown – Illuminati Mind Control

al roker mk ultra breakdown

Al Roker MK Ultra Breakdown


Al Roker MK Ultra Breakdown!!

Many of us are aware that tv show hosts, actors, actresses, and people of high influence are often subject to Mk Ultra. In this case we can definitely see that Al Roker may be one of those victims. He has had multiple instances where he freezes in a very odd manner or he will glitch while he is talking, resulting in mixed up words not making any sense at all. It’s rather obvious Al Roker’s trigger word is Holy Ghost, or one of them is. He didnt just pause, he totally froze right after Holy Ghost was mentioned!

al roker mk ultra breakdown

In an effort to explain the sudden appearance of RoboRoker during a 17-second staring contest with his viewers, the weather anchor said:

“I don’t know, I just — you said the — I just kind of…I don’t know. I just — it happens all the time.”

Unfortunately what he doesn’t realize is that he has been subject to MK Ultra…..

This wasn’t the only evidence showing Al Roker MK Ultra breakdown either, you can do a little research and find many videos and articles about this occurring!

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