Operation Mindseed – The Mystery Continues

operation minded


Operation Mindseed went viral nearly a decade ago but has gone dark since then. The digital footprint that has been left behind is also very minimal and I have been left with even more questions in my quest to discover why.

Here is a video from Operation Mindseed

This video has a very interesting past. It seems to have been made by a user who goes by “Zany Mistic” in some chat threads that i have been found. The creator of this video must have done a great job at trying to spread this video far and wide because it has lasted nearly an entire decade on youtube, being spread through several other channels. But then something weird happens…….. NOTHING….. There are only a handful of other videos that are tagged OperationMindSeed. What ever happened to this creator and his project?

In the photo below we can see that the creator went by the alias of Zany Mystic. You can see that they were doing the best they can to get this video spread throughout the world as much as possible, encouraging others to share it through whatever digital conduit they can! This post is the earliest evidence of this creator that i can find. If you notice that they also state that a website will be coming soon, that website is also gone!

Operation Mindseed

A few months later we can find a second and third video posted by Operation Mindseed. One of these videos was submitted to InfoWars Obama Joker Poster Video Contest. This raises suspicion because there has been many theories about Alex Jones being tied to a secret government agency whose main goal is to fear monger people into the Anti-Illuminati movement before they are prepared in order to make others of the cause seem less reputable.

This is where the trail ends….. Extremely abruptly and with nearly no other digital footprint over the next 8 years besides other creators using and sharing the original videos! I am not able to take on the challenge of finding out what really happened to Operation Mindseed but I think that it is definitely a mystery that will live on.



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