If the corporate media was truly all about telling you the truth, then why haven’t they told you more about the following 33 things?

If the corporate media was truly all about telling you the truth, then why haven’t they told you more about the following 33 things?

1) The 1975 Church Commission report exposing the real danger of the CIA. This highly damning report was the first to expose the dirty laundry of the CIA and its deep bag of dirty tricks, in particular, its assassination program, known as “Operation Phoenix,” and its illegal operation on US domestic soil. The CIA was never tasked for domestic duty. That responsibility has always belonged to the FBI. The CIA was outed in this damning report for its political assassinations, as well as its illegal covert activities at home. Among its domestic programs was a covert plan called “Operation Mockingbird,” which revealed the CIA’s deep undercover connections within the US media. (see #19)

As a matter of fact, from 1946 through 1948, in just its first two years of existence, the CIA did as much to damage and undermine the country, as if we had lost the war. Some feel, as a result of post-war Nazi penetration into the US intel-infrastructure, that we did lose.

It is most interesting that the agency turned to George HW Bush in its darkest hour to lead the CIA out of the Church Commission’s scorching spotlight. Bush has steadfastly claimed that he had no prior CIA involvement before becoming its director. Hard to believe the CIA would hire a rookie to lead the organization, at the one time when the agency had been caught with its hand in the dark-ops cookie jar. There is much evidence to show that Bush was indeed a longtime CIA asset, as early as the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

The “agency” is regarded by many as the most dangerous and despised organization on the face of the earth, and certainly the most damaging to the well-being of the US and world peace. Just listen to former FBI Director Ted Gunderson on the CIA.

Former president Harry Truman once said of the CIA, “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”

After the murder of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Truman wrote a public op/ed in the Washington Post one month later, on December 22, 1963, saying quite frankly in the letter, “I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency.”

This is but the tip of the iceberg as to why many question this nefarious organization.

2) The fake right-handed Osama bin Laden video, which purported to show Osama taking credit for 9/11. It was an obvious fake because his FBI wanted poster, and video records, all show Osama to be left-handed, yet the man in the alleged confession video gestured, drank, ate, and even wrote with his right hand. The NSA and media deliberately sold this obvious hoax.

3) The Persian Gulf War lie (1st Iraq war). The media sold the war, rather than question the story about Iraqi’s kicking over Kuwaiti baby incubators. The girl who testified as an alleged eyewitness was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador. The story about the babies was a deliberate lie, the brain-child of Washington DC PR firm Hill & Knowlton. CBS’ 60-Minutes program reported on the story only after it became public. This story should have been uncovered much earlier, but the media failed in their due diligence to check into the false incubator reports.

4) The 2nd Iraq war was planned long before 9/11. Bush wanted war with Saddam Hussein. Weapons inspector Hans Blix was pulled from Iraq after finding no weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Joe Wilson and Scott Ritter also said no WMD, yet the US alleged that yellowcake uranium from Africa was being shipped to Iraq. No WMD were ever found. The US also tried to tie Saddam to 9/11, even though there were no ties. Years later, Bush admitted in a press conference that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, yet to this day a greater portion of the US populace still thinks Iraq was involved, proving that their pre-war brainwashing had worked perfectly, as planned.

5) The Kennedy assassination lone gunman myth. Despite the fact that the House Select Committee on Assassinations said in 1976 that there “was probable conspiracy” of more than one involved in President Kennedy’s murder, and also the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., (see #32) the mainstream corporate media still continually regurgitates the Warren Commission lie that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone conspirator and gunman. The Warren Commission was an outright fraud, and the addition by Johnson of former CIA director Allen Dulles, a man who Kennedy had fired over the Bay of Pigs, was the topper. The House Select Committee on Assassinations no longer gets talked about.

6) CIA document 1035-960. Speaking of the infamous Warren Commission, the media has never talked about this particular document, the instructions on how to combat doubters of the official Warren Commission report, and also how the media should cover it. It is from this specific document that the term “conspiracy theory” was born. This document is considered as a foundation for covering the sins of government.

7) Two ignored presidential warnings. Why didn’t the media talk about the fact that TWO United States presidents tried to warn us of impending perils in the spring of 1963? Outgoing president and five-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower was warning the public to beware of the “military industrial complex.” That alone should have raised a Spock eyebrow for some in the media, but then they totally ignored a very deliberate and calculated effort from President John F. Kennedy, informing them about criminal cabals and secret organizations that had infiltrated the government. Kennedy even went so far as to ask for their help in “alerting the American people.” Instead, the media did nothing, proving that they were already in the fold of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird.

8) The Real Reasons for President Kennedy’s Murder. Why doesn’t the media talk about the fact that President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 in June of 1963, authorizing the US Treasury to start issuing silver backed certificates, directly challenging the Federal Reserve banking cartel? Why also have they ignored National Security Memorandum 273, written by McGeorge Bundy and placed into the official record immediately after Kennedy died. (Some have reported it was drafted the day before and placed into the record on the 22, although available docs show a date of the 26, but that is something that could have been amended afterward.) The new Memo 273 totally contradicted National Security Memorandum 263, which Kennedy put into the record himself earlier, on October 11, signaling his intentions to start pulling out of Vietnam. The media surely discovered this at some point, yet never said a word. (See: Final Report)
[This item was updated for accuracy 08/17/16]

9) The Project for a New American Century. Why doesn’t the media talk about a group of men known as the PNAC, who published a document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” in September of 2000, calling essentially for a world dominated by the US, while fostering the notion that a “new Pearl Harbor” was just what they needed to move their plan along much quicker. Those men would soon be given key influential posts within the Bush-Cheney administration. One year later, to the month, they received their new Pearl Harbor on September 11th. Since then, their plan has conveniently unfolded as laid out in their document. This group is also responsible for writing another infamous document, a companion piece that deals with the middle east, called “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” Many in the PNAC are suspected of having dual nationality, to both Israel and the US, but with Israel as their first allegiance. After receiving much post-9/11 notoriety, the PNAC conveniently switched its name, in an effort to avoid further scrutiny, to the FPI (Foreign Policy Initiative).

10) The anthrax attacks were not acts of foreign terror, but instead were a domestic operation. The US government tried to convince everyone that the attacks were the work of terrorists, but once the anthrax was tracked back to a US military base, Ft. Detrick, the plan quickly shifted to blaming two innocent US scientists, independently of each other – first Steven Hatfill and then Bruce Ivins. Though both men long withheld their own individual innocence, the unwarranted public disgrace and humiliation took its toll on Ivins. He was said to have died from a Tylenol overdose – something not easy to do, and yet, somewhat easy to correct under proper emergency care. The government has now conveniently rested its case on Ivins, because a dead man can no longer deny false allegations.

11) The 9/11 attacks. This one is number “11” for a good reason. Why has the corporate mainstream media been so silent on 9/11, when there are numerous, glaring incongruities that raise obvious questions about the official story.

DOT head Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission that former Vice President Dick Cheney was tracking the incoming Pentagon object from well over 50 miles out, yet when asked by a young serviceman if the order still stands, Mineta said, “Cheney whipped his neck around and said, ‘Of course the order still stands. Have you heard anything to the contrary?'” The object was not shot down, or even shot at, nor was any non-essential personnel evacuated from the Pentagon. Original reports said 184 died that day at the Pentagon. That number has since been revised down to 125.

President George W. Bush, the Commander-in-Chief, sat on his but in a school classroom, even after his Chief of Staff Andy Card directly told him that, “A second tower has been hit. America is under attack.”

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld abandoned his post, which was directing the defense of this country, by instead running out onto the Pentagon lawn to assist in activities there that were A) already well covered to begin with, and B) not even remotely close to his official duties.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani publicly told ABC’s Peter Jennings live on national television that he was forewarned that the towers were going to collapse. He then later denied ever saying this. Why?

The 9/11 Commission says it was set up to fail, but why would that ever interest a complicit, servile corporate media?

12) The Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened. The incident that President Johnson used to lead the US into Vietnam, a war that his predecessor, President Kennedy, was trying to lead us out of. Former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, finally revealed before his death that the event had never happened. The Gulf of Tonkin was another false flag operation, and had been made up. It was all a ruse to get the US to war, so that the “military industrial complex” could reap huge profits, an issue that Kennedy’s own predecessor, President Eisenhower had warned of earlier.

13) Transcelerate Biopharma. This bastard child of the pharmaceutical industry opened its doors in 2012, to absolutely no press scrutiny whatsoever. This company is propped up by the other big pharma corporations, each contributing to it financially. Those on the inside call it a “collaboration.” This author chooses another C-word… “collusion.” The railroad robber-barons were broken up because of a monopoly (Northern Securities Company Trust) in 1901 under the Sherman Antitrust Act, so how then does Transcelerate Biopharma even possibly exist? If rich railroad owners cannot collude together, how is it possible then for rich big pharma owners to do so? This corporation should have never been allowed in the first place. Reportedly, one of the first orders of business for Transcelerate Biopharma has been to work diligently to remove the adverse drug warnings from their television and radio commercials, because as big pharma says, people just don’t want to hear that. This company operates at behest of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, the number four largest industry in the world, behind banking (1), the military industrial complex (2), and oil & gas (3). Transcelerate Biopharma is a collusion of big pharma, and as a result, is a present danger to humankind and thus should be broken up under antitrust law.

14) Suicide is rising in the US. According to CDC statistics, suicide is on the rise in key older demos in the US, yet no one is saying anything about it. Perhaps the reason being is that “coincidentally,” the dramatic rise in suicide just happens to coincide with a 400% increase in SSRI prescription drug use in the US. As an insult to injury, a new Department of Health and Human Services program called Healthy People 2020 has been enacted, with one goal being the identification of more potential Americans for SSRI drug use
This beneficial program for Big Pharma will thus perpetuate and exacerbate the suicide issue. The media isn’t totally devoid of articles on the US epidemic of suicide, they’re just not making the critical connection yet with increased SSRI, NDRI and SNRI psychotropic drugs, which carry the risk of suicidal thoughts as a primary side effect. One can only wonder if this isn’t by deliberate devious design, to protect Big Pharma from liability and keep the American public in the dark on the dangers of these drugs.

15) The great American gun lie. This is probably one of the most egregious and transparent of all media lies. If you watch the mainstream corporate media, you would think we truly do have a gun problem, however… if you do your research, as the media has not, you will come across the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR), known as the authoritative source for crime and gun statistics in the US. When looking at those statistics, I can categorically say that the media is deliberately lying on this one, because the FBI shows that murder by gun has been cut in half, since 1993, despite the fact that gun ownership has increased exponentially. We have gone from 16,136 murders by gun in 1993, down to just 8,124 today. The death rate for murder by gun is a diminutive, paltry .003% of the country – not even 1%! The corporate media should be ashamed. Instead, they should be investigating the suspicious origin behind the recent spate of mass murders in this country. There is much evidence to suggest black-op programs behind these shootings, carried out by covert hit-squads with intel-agency backing. (See #16.)

16) Mass gun murders are black op attacks. The media have not done their due diligence on this issue as well, because in all cases, they claim that there was only ONE lone gunman for all of the major (highly suspicious) shooting sprees as of late in this country, however… eyewitness tell a whole different story. The Sikh Temple eyewitnesses from Wisconsin said that FOUR white men in black SWAT gear came in with submachine guns and just started shooting. In the Aurora, Colorado theater shootings, there were at least three people identified by witnesses inside the movie theater. At the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, there were at least four people involved there as well, as revealed by emergency dispatch tapes and helicopter news video. Lastly, James Holmes was reported to be part of a Colorado University research group that dealt with mind control and creating super soldiers, linked to billionaire Philip Anschutz, who also just happens to be the largest theater owner in the world. The media totally ignored that. The reason for these black-op shooting sprees is to feign a gun issue in the US, so that guns can be restricted, and eventually taken away, as has happened in the UK and many other countries.

17) Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group. Formed in 1998, this group was composed of Ashton B. Carter, John Deutch, and Philip Zelikow. Together, this trio wrote a highly questionable document called, “Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy.” As if the title alone isn’t enough to raise eyebrows, this document also referred to another “Pearl Harbor” event which would galvanize new anti-terrorism laws and increase public surveillance. Again, this was pre-9/11.

For the record, Ashton B. Carter is now the US Defense Secretary. John Deutch was also Secretary of Defense, and then later head of the CIA. Philip Zelikow, whose college thesis dealt with the manufacture and perpetuation of societal myths, was the head of the 9/11 Commission. An interesting trio to come together, back in 1998… talking about making terrorism a major component of national policy. This unreported coincidence regarding terrorism as a national policy, previous to 2001 and the resulting “War on Terror,” is very telling and highly suspicious to many.

18) The CIA immediately supported & partnered with Nazi intelligence after WWII. Formed immediately after the war in 1946, one of the agency’s very first unscrupulous efforts came with the recruitment of Nazi intelligence officers and scientists into the United States through Operation Paperclip, where known Nazi war criminals were kept from the Nuremberg trials and instead given sensitive positions here in the US within the defense and intelligence industry. It’s extremely disturbing to understand that in it’s very first year of inception, the CIA’s first thought was, “Let’s partner with the Nazis.” Despite the fact that the US government was vilifying the Nazis as pure evil during and after WWII, they somehow saw fit to hastily employ them after the war. The CIA went a step further, by helping to establish and foster the infamous Gehlen Organization in Nazi Germany, an intelligence agency for the purpose of spying on the Russians. It reportedly became the BND, but many Nazi intelligence assets were absorbed into the CIA, which is a very disturbing fact to digest.

The following quote sums it up best regarding CIA affiliation with the Nazis:

“Hiring (Reinhard) Gehlen was the biggest mistake the US ever made. Our allies said, ‘You are putting Nazis at the senior levels of your intelligence,’ and they were right.” -Victor Marchetti, CIA Veteran, former Chief of Soviet Strategic War Plans

Some would say that we never defeated the Nazis, because they have assimilated with us, just like the Borg from Star Trek lore. (See Truman’s quote on regretting creation of the CIA.) Much of their perverted Nazi ideology has since taken strong root within America’s intelligence and defense industry, as well as showing influence through post-war politics.

19) Takeover of the US media. Less than two years later, the CIA’s next patriotic impulse to serve the nation was to overthrow the 4th estate, in essence, neutering democracy’s watchdog for freedom through a covert plan to control the US media, known as Operation Mockingbird, whereby the CIA infiltrated the media and actively recruited American journalists for the purpose of spreading disinformation and propaganda, including legendary industry icons such as Walter Lippman, Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite. These were the people Americans trusted most, yet they turned their back on the people and instead delivered the party line, rather than the truth. It was news control, plain and simple.

Mockingbird proved that our media had been infiltrated and co-opted by the CIA. So much for the 4th estate’s ability to perform its job as the watchdog of our freedoms, and alert “We the People” to irresponsible, bad government. The program lasted for over three decades, and is rumored to still be active to this day, under a new designation and title. These findings were uncovered as part of the 1975 Church Commission Hearings on the CIA, but they were immediately covered up in 1976, by incoming CIA Director George HW Bush.

20) The 1993 World Trade Center Bomb was provided by the FBI. The New York times actually reported on this one, but the mainstream media has never touched this story ever again. That’s because informant Emad Salam had said that the FBI provided a real bomb to Yamzi Yousef, and then let him set it off. The FBI was essentially controlling this alleged “sting” operation that got out of hand while under their control. The question that has remained all these years is… Why did the FBI provide a real bomb, instead of a fake? Watch what former FBI Director Ted Gunderson had to say about the 1993 WTC bombing.

21) The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a false flag. Explosives expert General Benton K. Partin testified that fertilizer bombs were not capable of the destruction seen at the Murrah federal building. Partin wrote to Senator Trent Lott: “The attached report contains conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.” Partin concluded, “It is my observation that the effort required to bomb the A. P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City pales in comparison with the effort to cover up evidence in Oklahoma and the media’s withholding of vital information from the American people.” Mysteriously, the office of the ATF did not show up for work that particular morning. As coincidence would strangely have it, many of the Whitewater and Clinton investigation files were stored in this federal building. The corporate media conveniently left all of this out of their reporting. (See also: A Noble Lie)

22) The healthcare debate was a scam. The entire healthcare fiasco was all about killing HR-676, a bill which was gaining support from both sides of the aisle, from Democrats and Republicans. The only ones not supporting it were the fat-cat insurance company owners, because HR-676 was going to turn back the clock, and make healthcare non-profit. The insurance industry did not want to lose the hundreds of billions they make each year, so they spent over $1-million dollars per day, just to obfuscate the facts and muddy the water with insane claims of “death panels.” The tip-off is the fact that HR-676 was never included as one of the five new healthcare plans proposed. It was all about “insurance care,” not Obama-care.

For the record, HR-676 was free healthcare to all Americans, with no co-pay and no deductible, none whatsoever. You got to choose your own doctor, choice of hospital… everything about your healthcare, you got to choose. Instead, we have now all received worse healthcare insurance, but the health insurance industry got to reap the reward of 50-million new forced healthcare customers. Health insurance industry owners and executives should be indicted and imprisoned for this.

23) Toxic chemtrails in our sky. The US government has been spraying our sky with toxic chemicals since the mid 80’s, for many different covert black-op applications, only one of which is an attempt to play God and control the weather as a tactical military warfare tool. (Russia and China are reported to be doing this as well.) There are also at least half a dozen other insidious applications for this aerial spraying technology.
The primary elements known to be sprayed are aluminum (Alzheimer’s), barium (blood pressure), strontium (carcinogen) and manganese (aggravated behavior), but that’s just the tip of the chemical-cocktail, because there are many other chemicals being reported as well. It is a nano-sized particulate that is so tiny it can enter the nose and penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Note the fact that Alzheimer’s has had a significant increase over the last two decades, as well as numerous new neurological disorders, not to mention an increase in cancer.

The US noticeably stepped up its aerial spraying program in the 90’s, but since the millennium, they’ve gone absolutely bat-shit crazy. If you haven’t noticed it by now, you’re just not looking up enough. Many scientists and noted researchers all around the world are finding toxic chemicals in rain water, soil, and plant life. There are many environmental groups also lobbying Congress to have this secret program halted. Very tellingly, the national mainstream corporate media has said absolutely nothing about this. (see ChemSky.org for more info.)

24) The Federal Reserve is not federal. Over 100 years of a national lie that never receives the proper scrutiny from the corporate media. They willfully drone on for weeks about outrageous celebrity behavior, but when it came to the toppling of our economy, no one talks about the real elephant in the room. They speak of Federal Reserve policies, but no one dares speaks of its independence from government, nor its private ownership group that profits enormously at the nation’s expense.

A central bank that has never had a full audit in over 100 years.
Two catastrophic depressions under their stewardship is just 79 years time.
The dollar has lost 95% of its value since the Federal Reserve took over
Other banks are audited regularly, but strangely enough, not the Federal Reserve bank, the one banking institution with larger money transfers than any other bank, yet they get no audit. One would think that after crashing the country’s economy twice during their tenure, that they might receive at least one or two audits in over a century’s time, but apparently this is not the case. The middle class is systematically being wiped out by the Fed.

As arrogantly stated by former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, “The federal reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.”

This is a huge fact that most Americans have absolutely no clue of, simply because the corporate media does not wish to talk about the private ownership of the Federal Reserve. The few people who do know are extremely upset over this little known American secret.

25) The War on Drugs is a lie. According to deceased journalist Gary Webb formerly of the San Jose Mercury News, and deceased LA cop Michael Ruppert, the CIA runs most of the drug traffic in the US, as a means of obtaining unaccountable black operations money, and as a tool of social destabilization. The Iran-Contra Mena drug operation between Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and U.S. President George H.W. Bush has been written about extensively by the independent press, but not the corporate mainstream press. This is a topic that has become taboo to the media, especially so after the alleged suicide of Webb, who was reported to have had two gunshot wounds to the back of his head.

26) The War for Drugs is real. The illegal, unprovoked war against Afghanistan is about more than just an oil pipeline to the Caspian Sea, and a lithium source to supply the west’s battery needs. It is also undeniably about the illegal flow of opium and heroin. A check of Afghanistan’s poppy production shows that it dropped to zero in 2001, right before the invasion form the west. Now, under the guardianship of the US and UK, opium and heroin production is at an all-time high in Afghanistan. To this day, rather than destroy the Afghan poppy fields, they are closely guarded by western troops from the US and UK.

27) The Libya War was all about $$$. Libya was illegally invaded through unprovoked war for more than one reason. One reason was that  Muammar Gaddafi had told the US that Libya would no longer accept Federal Reserve Notes (US dollar) in exchange for oil. Only the gold dinar would be accepted. The war was also about bringing Libya into the central bank system, and to murder Gaddafi, the highly popular former leader of the African union. Libya had a better quality of life and higher standard of living than most nations of the world, including the US and UK. Gaddafi was to receive a UN humanitarian award before he was brutally sodomized with a bayonet and murdered by US led forces. Curiously, before the war was over and before Gaddafi was killed, a new central bank was mysteriously erected in Libya, along with a new oil ministry, all as the west wanted.

28) Origins of the unwarranted US Police State. According to the authoritative source for crime in the US, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR), violent crime has been dropping for at least 40 years, with the biggest decrease coming during the 1990’s. Despite the huge decrease in crime in the 90’s, militarization of US law enforcement agencies (LEA’s) strangely went up during the same time period. Another contrast is the rise in prison enrollment, despite a significant cut of nearly 50% in violent crime.

Three programs were developed solely to funnel military arms into US LEA’s:

1990… 1208 Program (State LEA’s) [rolled into the 1033 program] George HW Bush
1994… 1122 Program (State & local LEA’s) [operates redundantly with 1033] Bill Clinton
1997… 1033 Program (State & local LEA’s) [operates redundantly with 1122] Bill Clinton
The false claim has been made that the billions of dollars spent on militarization of US police, at a time when violent crime was dropping, was allegedly due to the War on Drugs, however… the War on Drugs was never about fighting the neighborhood pot dealer with machine guns, grenade launchers and tanks. Since 9/11, more US citizens have been killed by police than all US soldiers killed in the illegal Iraq war. SWAT raids have increased from 300 per year in the 70’s, to over 40,000 per year since 9/11. U.S. police state now exists, despite the fact that they may not be targeting you individually. What should worry you most are the newly increased ways and abilities given to LEA’s to arrest you, post 9/11.

29) The War on Terror is pure bullshit. Numerous agencies are on record as stating that western policies towards the middle east actually create terrorism. Through the use of gutless unmanned drone aerial attacks, the US has killed hundreds upon hundreds of innocent civilians, even in an allied country such as Pakistan. The War on Terror is essentially a war on those countries resisting the new world order. (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.) Funny how George W Bush’s “Axis of Evil” consists only of non-Rothschild banking states.

A Rand study concluded, after studying 648 terrorist groups between 1968 and 2006, that military operations against such groups are among the least effective means of success.

Moreover, “the use of substantial U.S. military power against terror groups also runs a significant risk of turning the local population against the government by killing civilians.”

The Rand reports concludes, the U.S. “war on terrorism” has been a failure, as it also said of the “war on drugs.”

With its senseless drone bombing murders of hundreds of innocent citizens, the US is now fostering a climate of terrorist retaliation. The corporate media says little if nothing about the “collateral damage” done in the name of fighting the “War on Terror.”

30) The Boston marathon bombing was a false flag. The presence of Craft Security and the missing backpack from one of their members is more than suspicious, considering the glaring fact that the missing Craft backpack is an exact match for the bomb backpack, yet the media has not mentioned the presence of Craft Security even once. Do a Google or Bing image search for Boston Marathon Craft Security and note the paramilitary dress of the individuals pictured, but more importantly, take note of the backpack comparisons. The fact that the corporate media has said nothing about the Craft presence is very interesting.

31) Proclamation 7463, a little known government state of emergency order (SOE). This is a continuation of the state of emergency order from the day after 9/11, still in effect to this very day. That’s right, over 15 years of a State of Emergency in this country! WTF?

So ask yourself this question, why have both Bush and Obama continued to sign this “state of emergency” order, every single year since 9/11?

Are things really that bad and out of control here in the U.S. that a state of emergency needs to continue for over 15 freaking’ years… or perhaps is Proclamation 7463 an integral component in changing the US government into something that “We the people” did not vote for?

The suspicion is, the former US government has been illegally done away with, along with our forefather’s Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and replaced with a secret government, one that has been in the shadows for years, but has now taken center stage in the control of the United States.

So, what is the real truth behind Proclamation 7463?

Whatever the real story is, don’t hold your breath waiting for the corporate media to tell you the real truth about this unlawful, treasonous, crippling decree upon the US.

32) Factions in the US government deliberately murdered Martin Luther King Jr., yet to this day, no one in the corporate media says a thing about history as it really happened. It’s not conspiracy theory, because the 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) showed it was true. There was also the 1999 trial in which 70 witnesses testified regarding the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. It took the jury only one hour to deliver a guilty verdict against the United States government, yet not one word has ever been said by the corporate media about an orchestrated government effort to publicly kill a leading national civic leader. The history books to this day still say that it was James Earl Ray. (The one media outlet that did talk about this was RTF)

33) HAVA is a proven fraud. The Help America Vote Act was all about doing just that, helping America vote, as in… casting as many votes as they want, whenever they want. Bev Harris of Blackbox Voting has proven this in the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. Software programmer Clint Curtis testified that Florida Congressman Tom Feeney paid him to write fraudulent code into touchscreen voting software to steal votes, yet the mainstream media has not reported this huge story that proves democracy’s election system is rigged. See also the documentary, Murder, Spies & Voting Lies.

Sadly enough, these are but just a few of too many glaring examples that the media willfully and duplicity ignores. Some of these stories were reported only once, and then they were buried, nevermore to be repeated or talked of again.

Now, a word on behalf of those who are not involved in the censorship:

There are indeed many good people in the media. Not everyone is a CFR member or part of the effort to keep Americans in the dark. What people need to understand is that like any other corporation, the media operates in a hierarchy, with reporters and on-air talent being only a tertiary portion of the media picture. The second part of the equation is the program directors, news directors, and consultants who steer and direct the talent. They in turn answer to the primary source of media power, the general manager, VP, president, and ownership.

General manager, VP, president, ownership
Program director, news director, consultants
Reporters, anchors, on-air talent
This is no different from any other corporate, government or military organization. They all have a hierarchy. I personally know reporters who have had stories turned back because those making the decisions said, “We’re sorry, but we just can’t run the story as is because corporate thinks it could be too litigious.”

At that point, the story gets severely neutered and watered down, allegedly all in an effort to make it on-air or into print. If it still has too much uncomfortable content for those at the top, the story gets killed altogether. This happens more times than most have any idea of.

Whatever the reason, this is how news censorship today most generally happens.

In Summary

Any good journalist knows the real truth about what is happening in this country, from Kennedy’s murder, to the fake Gulf of Tonkin attack which led us into the Vietnam War, to the horrific events of 9/11. The facts are out there. All they have to do is take a look. So, when they continue to remain silent, that says a lot about their journalistic integrity.

They went to broadcast school too. They took journalism. They were taught how to ferret out a story… yet they refuse to do so in matters that mean the most to all of us.

Just like many rigged casino or carnival games which always allow a few winners in order to keep the illusion that the game is legitimate, the same idea holds true in the corporate media. Once in a great while there are a few epic disclosures of high crime, but seldom these days, if ever, do we receive anything that reaches the real $$$ power that sits behind the thrones of government.

As a running exercise, make a note the next time a family of uber-wealth gets indicted or arrested for something. Say maybe a Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan, Sinclair, or even perhaps a Rothschild. Just don’t hold your breath, waiting for white-collar high crime to be prosecuted the same way that regular blue-collar crime gets prosecuted.

The bottom line is this… the mainstream media (MSM) has proven time and time again that they are not giving us the real story, and as a result, they cannot be trusted. The corporate media is the property of the ultra-rich, a bought-and-paid-for tool for them.

Because of this, many people consider members of the media to be, for all intents and purposes, traitors to our country and significant accessories to high crime, and as such, should also be held accountable when the truth that they’ve omitted finally comes out.

They are not only traitors to the people they are supposed to help protect, but also traitors to their profession. They are disgraces of the worst kind, pretending to inform the public, all the while deceiving it.

As a result, you need a careful, discerning approach when receiving information from such a controlled media cartel that is purposefully and deliberately working to deceive you. With today’s engineered, controlled press, you most certainly need to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, in order to gain even a glimpse of what is really going on.

The next time the media explains why we need to go to war, or the specific reasons for a domestic terror attack, perhaps you will rightfully think twice before accepting what is very likely a contrived and concocted explanation, as opposed to the real truth.

It is an understatement to say that the corporate media is the enabler of high crime in this country. They are the essential key tool in controlling public perceptions, while contributing directly to its overall collective ignorance.

They need to be held accountable for their servile complicity, as accessories to crime.

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